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Dog Types

Dog Types Biography
There are a total of 157 types of dog breeds recognised by the AKC (American Kennel Club). The types of dog breeds are separated into different dog types which are referred to as Dog Groups. The actual numbers of the types of dog breeds within each of the different dog types are as follows:
Sporting Dogs ( Gun Dogs) - 26

Non-Sporting Dog Types - 17

Working Dog Breeds - 22

Hound Breed Type of Dogs - 22

Terrier Breed Type of Dogs - 26

Herding Breed Type of Dogs - 18

Toy Breed Types of Dogs - 20

Miscellaneous Breed Type of Dogs - 6

Total number of different types of dogs - 157 (AKC recognised)

The above numbers of dog types are just the tip of the Iceberg - see Bay Dogs! As previously stated these are only the dog types recognised by the AKC. There are no accurate statistics relating to the total numbers of different types of dogs worldwide, not to mention the number of dogs types classified as mongrels, or mutts!

The are some 'purists' in the dog world who look down on types of dog breeds that have not been recognised by the leading Kennel Clubs. They believe that only the pedigree types of dogs are the ones to own. But different dog types have to be accepted in the various Kennel Clubs and more are being accepted all of the time. If the modern breeders and those from bygone years had not experimented with cross- breeding various dog types we would not have all the wonderful types of dogs that we have today!

The US Census reveals some interesting figures in relation to dogs:

There are approximately 68,000,000 owned dogs in the United States

There are no Government stats in relation to actual numbers of individual dog breed types

Approximately 1 in 3 households keep dogs as pets

36% of homes have dogs

32% have cats ( cat owners often keep more than one cat)

85% of dogs visit an animal doctor in a year

67% of cats visit an animal doctor in a year
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types
Dog Types And Breeds
Dog Types.

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